Medical Activities


  • Diagnostic work-up (in cooperation with local clinics and labs), therapy and medical attendance of all disease patterns in Pediatric Neurology/Child Neurology
  • Epilepsy, Cerebral palsy, Cephalea, Neuromuscular disorders, Movement disorders (Tic, Stereotypia, Dystonia, Spasticity, Ataxia, Choeo-Athetosis), Developmental Disorders, Psychomotor retardation, Hydrocephalus, other neuropediatric Syndromes or Diseases
  • Diagnostic work-up, therapy and medical attendance of children/adolescents with psychosomatic problems (e.g. Enuresis, Encopresis, Cephalea)
  • Multimodal diagnostic work-up and therapy of ADHD
  • "Case Management"
  • Organization of Check up´s or 2nd opinions in all fields of Pediatric Neurology/Child Neurology (including MRI, EEG, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological assessment and all related fields - ophthalmology, metabolic testing, genetic testing)
  • EEG (Electroencephalography)